Purely Primitive Milk Bars

Goat's Milk Bars

Blackberry Sage

Lavender Bar

Man Bar

Camper Bar- Ideal for protection from fleas and ticks & heals the skin.

Orange Sweet Chili Bar

Blemish Bar - For body and facial acne ~ Eucalyptus w/ activated charcoal

Mango Sage - - Gentle Exfoliator

Jingleberry - a Mix of hollyberry and Christmas!

Gingerbread- Perfect for the holidays, just don't eat it!

Grace Bar - Made with Spring and Easter in mind.

Hunka Bars - Honeycomb Happiness, Green Pastures, Sunset Meditation

Hemp Milk Bars

Frankincense and Myrhh ~ Made with the Reason for the Season in mind

Pumpkin Spice~ Made with pumpkin and cured to perfection!

Mango Sage Bar ~ Loaded with White Sage Botanicals - Gentle Exfoliator

Relax Bar ~ Sandalwood with anxiety relieving herbs to calm the nerves. - Exfoliator

High Spirits Bar ~ Scented w/ Sweetgrass, sprinkled with Sage, looks like a rock. Smells like Heaven apparently.

Herb Bar ~ Sweet Herbs with Green & Black teas. Scrumptous!

Gingered Lime Poo-Free Bars ~ Lather-free shampoo bars loaded with goodies for your locks!

MattsMallow Bar- A delectable moisturizing bar.

Druid Moon - Squishy Softness in a bar. Smells like a full moon over ancient runes. Gender Neutral.



Coconut Milk Bars

Mango Sage Bar ~ Has ground white sage for spiritual cleansing

Tigerlily Bars- The essence of warm seasons, with a scent like a breeze through a country window.

Lemon Cream Facial Bars- Lemon cake smothered in heavy cream & whole milk. Cleaser/detoxifier/moisturizer.

Coconut Bar- True coconut. Nothing fake about it.

Baby Bar - Gentle on baby's skin and excellent for shaving and oiling up a bath!

Just Patchouli - A luxurious bar that relaxes and sends you to another plane of existence, if only for a while.

Mango Sage - Our best selling bar in coconut milk with ground sage for a softer feel.

Breathe Easy - Perfect for a hot shower and a stuffy nose. Peppermint oil wafts up into your face holes and helps you smell again.

White Sage & Rosemary Bar

Hunka Bars - Chocolate Snuggly Eve & Fresh Squeezed Day, Sunset Meditation

Just For Kids

Critter Bar - For kids or those young at heart

Cutie Patootie Bar -Juicy Summer Watermelon for the cutie in your life.



Heavy Cream and Milk Bars

Lemon Cake ~ Luxury at your fingertips. Don't shower if you're hungry. Packs a moisure punch!


Doggy bars

Doggy Bars ~ Goat Milk or Coconut Milk Bars scented with lemongrass, tea tree oil and peppermint Essential Oils

Poochy Bars - For the fluffier four-legged friends who want to smell foofier.

Discontinued Bars

Oatmeal Milk n Honey Coconut Milk or Coat Milk- Almost pure white. Incredible bar for sensitive skin. - Exfoliator (Discontinued)

PepperCorn Work Bar Goat Milk~ Gentle Exfoliator for working hands - Email about these. (Discontinued)

Chai Bar (Email about these) Full of Chai and Juniper Berries on top. Coconut Milk

Puddin' n Pie Bar - Butterscotch unleashes your inner child...unless you are one. Goat Milk - (Discontinued)

St. Baldrick's Bar (Discontinued)


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